BSS Africa’s vision is to become a chosen partner in sharing change driven solutions in improving customer performance and delivery.

BSS Africa is committed to supporting organizations through customized training courses, coaching and facilitated interventions in aligning their strategy, management systems and performance frameworks to improve organizational effectiveness and focus in delivering their mandate.

This integrated solution is supported by the dynamic BSS Africa team who possess a wealth of relevant and experential knowledge in public and private sector organizations to develop customized programmes to meet organisations changing needs.

Our Mission Statement

BSS Africa is committed to supporting customers through customised training courses, coaching and consultation interventions in aligning strategy with their management and performance systems, with relevant knowledge and experiential skill development programmes to improve organisation performance effectiveness and delivery.

Our Values

  • Innovation – The desire and ability of the company to venture into new and breakthrough areas for the customer and the company
  • Co-operation -Team work – Develop a work culture that shares knowledge, experiences and resources with partners, affiliates associates
  • Continuous Improvement – The desire and increased ability of the company to develop and incorporate ways to improve itself and its product offering
  • Service to Society – The development of products and services that improve and capacitate the societies and organisations we work within

Our Skills

    • Training Courses – Short courses and Programmes.
    • Facilitation – Pragmatic discussions managed to achieve effective outcomes.
    • Consulting – Practical and relevant engagements that promote independance